Movie Nights are coming to Arden

A new sermon series called “Reel Relationships” begins Sunday, January 13.  The sermon series is designed to help us in our relationships.  The sermons will be based on a text of Scripture but will use scenes from recent movies to highlight some of the lessons/themes

On the Friday night BEFORE the sermon, the movie will be shown in the fellowship hall…. yes, with healthy and unhealthy treats! Here is the lineup:

Friday, January 11 – “Wonder” – a very touching movie about a family and community learning to be kind and compassionate. 

Friday, January 18 – “I Can Only Imagine” – the emotional true story of a son’s journey toward wholeness and forgiveness.

Friday, January 25 – “UP” – a delightful movie dealing with getting older and loss.  

Friday, February 1 – “The Greatest Showman” – a wonderful movie about PT Barnum and the Greatest Show on Earth.  We will think together about self-worth and the power of community.Friday, February 8 –

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